Brady Shipman Martin takes a partnership approach; both with our clients and amongst ourselves. Our employees come from a broad range of disciplines and bring together a wealth of professional experience in landscape, planning, architecture, urban design, visualisation and the environment.

We believe in putting together a fluid team for each client; a team that thinks bigger than its individual members; understanding that the best ideas are often met sideways, and not head-on. This bespoke team begins a project with a concept phase, followed by the design development and environmental assessment stages, the planning process, and finally to on-site development. Working in partnership with our clients, we create project briefs that always include clear, defined objectives and robust deliverables. We establish strong development frameworks based on detailed site analysis and full understanding of the regulatory and environmental policies.

Our way of working grew out of the pioneering multi-disciplinary vision of our founders. To this day, public and private clients alike benefit from this clear-sighted, fluid and rigorous approach.