We've built up a long history of working with the tourism and leisure industry at home and abroad. This area has evolved and diverged hugely since our inception in 1968. As always, our approach to this area is informed by our specialist knowledge and our understanding of cultural, environmental, heritage, landscape and community resources that underpins the tourism product. Clients in this area include central and local government, tourism development agencies and groups, private companies and committees.

Tourism affects everyone, whether at a national, local or personal level. Our practice is committed to responding to the evolution (which can be rapid, such as in the case of social media) of this important sector. We are committed to preparing strategies and working with developments that have sustainability as a core principle. Our goal is responsible tourism development. We have a particular interest in integrated strategies that combine all objectives, including those of stakeholders. We work in partnership with stakeholders on pragmatic strategies and plans which maximise the tourism development potential of destinations, create positive economic impacts, and ensure environmental sustainability.