Our all-practice approach means that a team working on an environment project will bring valuable expertise from other disciplines to their strategic thinking. Because of our experience across the fields of planning, landscape architecture and architecture, we are in the best position to anticipate, understand, and respond to the particular challenges environment projects bring. This is a significant benefit for our clients because environmental awareness, diligence, responsibility and management are becoming an increasingly important aspect of all planning, development and regulatory systems.

Our hugely experienced teams consult on a full range of environmental services, including: Environmental Project Management and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA & EIS); Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); Appropriate Assessment (AA) and environmental reports.

Our approach centres on the establishment of a collaborative working relationship with the plan-making team, and taking a strategic overview across all the environmental and planning considerations. We also provide environmental due-diligence services and expert witness services. Our Visualisation specialists play an important part in environment projects, particularly in relation to daylight and sunlight studies.